FILM & TV (several independent short films)

The Tomorrow people Principal CW/ Jace Alexander
Emily Owens M.D. Recurring CBS/ Jennie Snyder/Bharat Nalluri
Supernatural Supporting Warner Brothers/Ben Edlund
L Word Principal Show Time /Angela Robinson
Love Notes Principal LifeTime/David Weaver
Exe's and Oh's Actor The Rules Televisions Prods. Inc/ Gary Harvey
Shooter Actor Paramount/Antoine Fuqua
Three Moons Over Milford Principal ABC/Touchtone/Michael DeCarlo
Disappearance Of Vonnie Principal Tristar /Graeme Campbell
Johnny's Girl Principal Johnny Prod. Inc /John Kent Harrison
Jack's Place: True Love Ways Principal ABC TV /Larry Rapaport
Northern Lights Principal CBC/Martin Lavut
The Great Detective Principal CBC/William Hayes
Fighting Men Principal CBC/Don Shebib
On The Evidence Principal CBC/Bryn Matthews
King Of Kensington Principal CBC/Alan Erlich
World Of Darkness Principal CBC/Jerry London
I've Always Been Lucky Principal CBC/Hrant Alianak
The Man Inside Actor NBC


Timon of Athens Senator/ Various The Shakespeare Project /Bill Dow
Italian American Reconciliation Aunt Mae Phoenix Prods./Stellina Rusich
Henry IV Part 2 Northumberland/Var The Shakespeare Project/John Wright
The Resistible Rise Of Arturo UI Dockdaisy/Ensemble Mentors Co-op/Tom Kerr
Romeo And Juliet Nurse Mentors Co-op/Tom Kerr, Eric Schneider
Life Class Arnot Van. Performing Arts Centre/ Mel Tuck
Sleepwalker Megan Arts Club Theatre/ John Juliani
Peer Gynt Button Molder/Var Human Voice At Firehall/Carl Armstrong
Mystery of The Rose Bouquet Della Presentation House/Sharon Leblanc
Picnic Rosemary WPA at Firehall/Carol Rosenfeld
The Other Woman Virginia Spectrum Prod. At VLT/ Alvin Saunders
Staged Readings Various Savage God/ John Juliani
Home Front Maureen Van. Performing Arts Centre /Mel Tuck
Playwrights Workshop Various Playwrites Theatre/Various Directors
Peer Gynt Solveig/Aslak/Var York U Grad Co at Tarragon /David Rottenburg
The Brides of Dracula Mina Harker Toronto Free Theatre/ Martin Kinch



Drive Standard, Yoga, Pilates, Horseback Riding (English and Western), Swimming, Canoeing


Standard American, Midwest and Southern, Regional American Dialects including Georgia, Texas, New York, Chicago and Boston Irish, Manchester, Cockney, Scottish, Standard British, Australian
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